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Tea polyphenols (Green Tea Extract)

Product Name: Green Tea Extract

Specification: 95% Tea polyphenols

Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Latin Name: Camellia sinensis (L.)O.Kuntze

Part of used: Leaf

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Product Details

Tea polyphenols are the general term for polyphenols in tea. They are easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetone, and ethyl acetate, but insoluble in chloroform. Tea polyphenols are the most important substances for tea to exert its health benefits. Green tea has a high content of tea polyphenols. The main components of tea polyphenols are: flavanones, anthocyanins, flavonols, florets and phenols. 6 compounds of acids and depsilic acids. Among them, flavanones (mainly catechin compounds) are the most important, accounting for 60% to 80% of the total tea polyphenols, followed by flavonoids, and other phenolic substances are relatively small.

It is widely used in health care products, cosmetics, food and other fields.


Package & Store:

1kg~5kg foil bag, 5~10kg carton,10~25 carton/drum with double layer PE liner bags.

Keep container closed, store in cool & dry place.

24 months when stored properly.

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